Spider web cupcakes

“Ghouls gone wild, wilder than before

We had a little taste and now we need a little more”

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Colder weather, cosy nights in, the Sanderson Sisters and lots of cake to decorate and eat!

These are my Double Chocolate cupcakes filled with a cherry jam filling – my favourite!

I used a piping bag nozzle in order to make a hole in each of the cupcakes. I took the top out, filled it with jam and then simply put the top back on! You can use any filling you like – chocolate ganache, sprinkles, marmalade – whatever you like.

How to make the Spider web

In order to make the “spider web” decoration you’ll need to make a white buttercream icing and a simple chocolate ganache. (Don’t be scared of the ganache, it’s honestly super easy to do.)

You’ll also need a piping back, tooth pick and a steady hand.

Cover the cupcakes with white icing.

Fill the piping bag and cut a tiny corner.

Draw three circles on top of the white frosting.

Then, using the tooth pick, draw lines from the centre outwards in order to make the web. That’s literally it – so easy and effective.




Published by Swenglishliving

Jessica is a Swedish “islander” fisherman’s daughter who somehow ended up living outside London, England with her husband Brooks, three kids and dog. 🇸🇪🇬🇧 By day, she translates documents from Swedish to English, ferries children and dog around the gorgeous Hertfordshire landscape, runs fundraisers, writes, drinks copious amounts of coffee, bakes, watches videos of cooking on YouTube and Instagram, drives Big Child to guitar lesson, drives Middle Child to Ballet, day dream, plans to attend gym, takes gorgeous Sprocker dog for walks by the River Chess - singing Anthem. (Not really the singing bit) And blogging. Mostly about her big loves. Food, Family, Travel. (And some bits in between) Jessica is passionate about Food, food, food, baking, food, (ahem), travel, eco friendly alternatives, the arts, education and Film/TV.

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